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A clay pomade that's basically a hybrid of our Water-Based Pomade and our Styling Clay.

Matte finish with firm hold and tons of endurance.
This product is works like the pomade but finishes like the clay. Use for volume, hold and endurance all with a Matte finish. 
• Use for texture, size, and hold.
Works with all hair types.

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the Summer Pomade is exceptionally good. I have tried many clays, pastes, and pomades. This product is EASILY one of the best and refined products I have used."


"I really love this pomade. It's the best hair product I've ever used. The smell is great, and the consistency is so creamy. It works well into the hands for easy application. I hope they never stop making this."


"I really have enjoyed this product so far. When I heard it was a hybrid of the two predecessors, I was a bit skeptical due to the fact I wasn't all that impressed with the clay pomade. However, this surpassed all expectations; this performs like a clay better than the current clay pomade you offer. It has been my daily for the past week or so and I cannot express how nice it is. And as always, the control from Firsthand's products is sublime so the sides go back nicely. Definitely one of the best pomades, if not the best, I have used so far."


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