People Matter. Make Stuff That Matters.

Firsthand is a company that cares about people. Everything we say, do, and make supports that truth. We’re building a company that values people on both sides of the transaction - through honest sourcing, sustainable process, and a heavy dose of give-a-damn. Our approach may be rare, but we also believe it’s right. We want to help people look good, feel good, and be a part of something good. Because people are awesome, so let's make awesome stuff!


Back in January of this year we hit a moment where we began to ask ourselves "Why are we doing this? Why did we quit our jobs to dive into Firsthand? And what makes us get up every morning and push a company that is currently paying us next to nothing?". 

The quick answer to that question was, "It is NOT the hair products or an obsession for hair that is causing us to pursue this thing." So we began to dive in a little deeper and spent about 2 weeks mapping out our values as individuals and how they influenced the company.

We began to notice a common theme through this process which was "Valuing People".

We loved being a part of something that was actually taking people into consideration whether it be through the ingredients we chose, the packaging we use, how we treat our employees and vendors, to how we communicate with our customers and the pricing of our goods. We figured that no matter what we make; prioritizing people needed to be our number one goal. So we began building our company values around the idea of PEOPLE MATTER. 

Up until now those values were always in us and were driving us but they weren't being communicated or shown very well. 

We had an articulation problem in a big way. 

The next obvious step for us was to rebrand and tell the proper story, and so here we are.

During the rebrand process we also realized that we needed more focus. It was a difficult decision but we decided that in order to achieve this we needed to focus on hair/body treatment, styling, and maintenance. In order to do this we are having to stop making our candles, hand soaps, grooming oils, roll-on fragrances, and lip balms. We are adding in three new products which we'll be announcing at a later time.

We are super excited about what's to come and where this thing is headed. We are finally putting our money where our mouths have been and it's a beautiful thing.