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Dopp Bag (Old Version)

$25.00 $48.00

As we look forward to our January 1 relaunch of Firsthand with new branding, new packaging, and new products we are selling through all of our current inventory to make space for the new inventory.

In the process, we found a few goodies that we can't sell as complete items due to missing labels, missing boxes, or just items that don't have a specific SKU. It's not that we misplaced the labels or boxes, we've simply run out. Ordering more labels or boxes means ordering them by the thousands to keep unit costs down, which doesn't make sense given the packaging change over in a month.

So, you get to enjoy deep discounts on a product that is still very much the same, it's just missing a component. 

This is our Island of Misfit Products.

This is the first version of our dopp kits. Same thing just slightly different than what we currently offer.