This Is A Plastic Bag' Tote Bag


Conversation Starter

Utilizing already created resources to make new products has been an integral part of how Firsthand sources materials. It's our effort to close the loop on our product's lifecycle and thus reduce the amount of waste we create through raw material creation. 

Single-use plastic bags contribute to a good amount of plastics that are tossed every year and fill our landfills (and oceans). We wanted a product that could combat that while also having a little fun with it. These bags don't look like they're plastic, but they are, and we want those who see you wearing this to ask why.

By talking through these issues is the only way we can spread the knowledge that will help us continue to make a difference in how we use, consume, and dispose of items.

Bag currently only comes in black with 25" straps.

*Tote Bags are final sale and are not eligible for our 30-day risk-free returns like our styling products.