Firsthand firmly believes that you can't make people matter while also exploiting and destroying their environment - so we take our impact on this planet very seriously. To highlight that commitment we've partnered with Upcycle during Earth Month to bring you a tee-shirt that matters. It's one that's made using 5 plastic water bottles and post-industrial upcycled cotton. The Earth benefits and so do you.

This Tee-Shirt Matters! 

Scenes from upcycle

A view from the factories that make our shirts.

The Recycled Crew

Upcycle creates these shirts using a custom designed yarn which is derived from upcycling plastic bottles and left over fabric scraps.

1 Tee-Shirt = 5 Recycled Water Bottles

All profits will go toward 1% For The Planet.

This Tee-Shirt Matters - $20

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