We believe people matter. So we make stuff that matters. Everything we say, do, and make supports that truth. We’re building a company that values people on both sides of the transaction - through honest sourcing, sustainable process, and a healthy dose of give-a-damn.

Our approach may be rare, but we also believe it’s right. We want to help people look good, feel good, and be a part of something good. Because people are awesome, so we make awesome stuff!

Our Promise

What began as a passion project in a small apartment north of Boston has grown into a much larger mission. We want to see people valued through everything we do. We may have outgrown that small apartment but we're still ideating, formulating, and creating everything in house. 

Our promise to you is to always stick by these values and to make YOU our priority. When we can't make something in-house we promise to source and partner with only those who live and play by our same values.

Thank you for your support.

Made with you in mind,

Firsthand Supply

Our Values

People first.

People before profit, every time, no excuses. This goes for how we treat/interact with people, to the materials and ingredients we source, and in how we make products. 

Celebrate people constantly.

We believe that inside of EVERY person is potential- not only to create, but also to innovate. Anyone who has ever done anything of note is made up of the same flesh and blood that you and I are made of. The only difference? Their experiences and their environment. We’re all in this together, so let’s make good experiences and a healthy environment a priority.

Be Personable & Approachable.

This plays out through honesty, transparency, and fun. We keep things focused on core human values.

Create with Intentionality.

Every detail matters. In our products, messaging, and physical goods, it all reflects our value.

Be Passionate and Bold.

We give a shit, about everyone. People deserve to be cared for, and not leveraged unfairly for profit. That passion goes into everything we do.

Embrace Change.

It isn't easy but it is often necessary.

Be Humble.

We don’t DESERVE to do this, we GET to do this.