Liquid Hand Soap - Starter (Filled Glass Bottle) - 16oz.

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Your hands will thank us.

This hand soap is quite literally life for your hands, and it smells amazing! With a coconut-based formula that uses three humectants (ingredients used to prevent the loss of moisture), it will keep the skin on your hands moisturized and hydrated as you wash them. We combined these humectants with a careful blend of soaps that clean without the dryness and is safe for sensitive skin. Topped off with an infusion of aloe vera juice and chamomile extract - it's a combination that your skin will fall in love with.

This product comes in a beautiful reusable Firsthand glass bottle.

Quick PSA: This soap was initially developed to be used by our hospitality partners in their hotels and restaurants. We’ve been planning on releasing this soap but wasn’t going to launch anything until mid-2020. Given the current situation with COVID-19 we wanted to have something ready to go in the interim to not only support more healthy handwashing but to also support our business.

*Due to a tremendous response, over the course of 3 days we sold out of the first batch of hand soap. While we wait for more printed bottles to show up we'll be pouring our next batch into blank bottles with a Firsthand logo on them and selling them at a discounted price. Thank you for your continued support during this time!